Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the CHW CORE Training Program?

Visit our website home page and click Start Training Application tab under Individuals to complete an application.

If I can’t join the upcoming CHW training cohort, are there future cohorts I can join?

Yes. On our application, we ask you what your earliest start date is and state when the next training cohort will begin. We then match you to an upcoming cohort based on your availability.

What locations are served through this program?

Our CHW CORE program is currently grant funded through HRSA (Human Resources and Service Administration). For trainees hoping to receive a stipend for participation in the program they must reside in Pennsylvania or New Castle County, Delaware. For trainees not from those areas who wish to participate, you are able to complete our online portion of our training.

Is there a cost for me to be part of this group?

There is currently no cost for participation in this training program outside of optional supplementary trainings that enhance the accredited 75 hours but are not required for certification.

How long is the CHW CORE Training Program, and how is the training completed?

Our CHW training program consists of two parts in order to be eligible for certification. First, our online learning portion (Didactic), which is a total of 75 hours, is completed over the course of 13 weeks at the trainee's own pace. The field work portion (Experiential) consists of 300 hours of community health-related work covering core CHW competencies. This period is intended to give both important connections in the public health field as well as a head start on the 2,000 work hours required for full CHW certification in the states of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Is there a stipend offered for this training program? How much would I receive?

Yes, through our current program grant funded by HRSA, we are able to provide a stipend to trainees at experiential sites to help offset any barriers or costs for participation in the program. The stipend amount we provide is $6,000 over the course of the training period.

What eligibility factors would I need to meet to receive a stipend?

To be eligible for a stipend, a trainee must meet all requirements: U.S. Citizenship/U.S. Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder), resident of New Castle County Delaware or Pennsylvania, and possess a High School Diploma/GED.

Is the stipend considered taxable income?

Yes. HRSA policy considers the training stipend to be income, so you will receive a 1099-MISC form on which you will need to report your earnings from the program. Receiving the stipend may also affect government assistance you receive.

Can I finish the online training before the 13 weeks?

Because our online training program (Didactic) is completed at your own pace, it is possible to finish all course requirements before the 13 weeks. You may not receive a certificate of completion immediately if the training is completed early, and you are still required to have put the 75 hours into the training; completing activities quickly is not sufficient to receive a certificate.

Can I use past related work experience to count towards my hours if I am receiving a stipend?

No, all hours counting towards your work experience training hours must be earned during your time in our program in order to receive the stipend. However, any work as a CHW in the past five years will count for CHW certification, not just those taken on as part of our experiential program.

For the experiential training, can I complete my work experience hours outside of Pennsylvania and New Castle County?

No, in order to receive CHW certification in Pennsylvania, all experience hours must be completed in Pennsylvania. Please see the Pennsylvania Certification Board for more information on what is required for certification https://www.pacertboard.org/cchw.

After completing the online portion of the CHW Core training, how am I matched to an organization to start my experience hours?

First, we will provide you with a short survey to gather your interest and information. Then, based on your responses, we will do our best to match you with an organization that would meet your needs. This process is limited by availability of open spaces at participating organizations.

If I currently work as a Community Health Worker but am not certified or have not completed any formal training, can I take this training?

Yes! If you are a current CHW and are looking to become certified, you can participate in this training program. Your previous work experience will also be applicable for the certification process assuming you have documented proof of work time.

If I currently work in a position that has me completing tasks that covers CHW Core Competencies, can I use those hours to complete my 2,000 experience hours?

Yes, we would meet with you and a representative who would be supervising your hours to discuss the work you currently do, and the core CHW competencies your tasks cover.

How do I know if I am accepted into the program?

Acceptance into the program is done on a rolling basis. You will receive official notification via our program email address, chwcore@gmail.com, indicating your acceptance into the program along with the necessary steps to take in order to confirm enrollment.

Why are we requiring specific documents in order to qualify for the program stipend?

As of right now, our Community Health Worker training program is fully funded through the government agency HRSA (Human Resources and Service Administration). With HRSA funding the stipend, we must abide by their requirements for stipend eligibility, which means providing proof of the documentation requested.

How do I contact the program if I have any additional questions?

If you have any additional questions that are not listed here, please feel free to email us with your name at chwcore@gmail.com